Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Site B
Finish all of the missions.All Levels
How to unlock: During gameplay, press R1, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, R1.
Play As a Dinosaur
How to: Unlock site B to play as a dinosaur.

All Research
How to unlock: During gameplay, press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, DOWN, UP

No Twisters
Description: Activate the No Twisters cheat
How to: Hold R1+L1, then press LEFT RIGHT. Then press R1+L1 again to activate the cheat.

Have $250,000
Description:You receive $250,000
How to:L1, Right, Right, L1, R1, Down

All Mission
Description: Impossible Mission
How to:R1, right, right, right, right, R1

100% DNA
Description: Mr.DNA
How to:R1,Up,R1,Right,L1,Down

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